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World Trade Center with man sunbathing on the south beach Manhattan
woman holding armfull of ticker tape watching ticker tape parade
business man walking near wall street new york city
two dogs sniffing each other's butt
white and black Volkswagon Beatles parked bumber to bumber
man wearing socks laying on sidewalk next to his shoes in new york city withbottle of gin
passenger's hand and arm outside bus window in new york city
naked mannequin in picture window New York City
young boy in a crowd holds nose and makes a face in new york city
woman wearing shaggy coat facing wall in New York City
lots of people wearing shoes standing on top of sedan in New York City
formal party on a circle line tour boat on the hudson river New York City
looking up from bottom of World Trade Towe in 1980 New York City
old man with a cane wearing a suit, sunglasses, a fedora, smoking a pipe, on Park Avenue New York City
women using compact mirrors to look over crowds at parade New York City
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